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Quality Assurance

Quality is extremely important for us. Renjie Precision is committed to providing parts and services of a quality that exceeds the needs and expectations of our customers.We implement strict quality management system towards every process that guarantee your precision parts be made with exact specification, on time and in budget.
Renjie Precision import advanced measuring instrument like CMM,Height Gauge and Projector,which is checked regularly by our rich-experiment QC to assure the accuracy.Also they can use measuring instrument correctly.All the parts you order are from strict quality control.
Included our own internally quality documentation and procedures, customer-generated Quality requirements are welcome accepted。

Hereby is our Quality Control Procedures

Incoming Material inspection -IPQ

Material will be checked including Chemical composition content,Sizes,Appearance etc by IPQ

Set up CNC Machining- MFG Dept.

IPQC inspect dimensions per drawings, working flow and inspection standards, record results in IPQC Inspection Report, and mark the part with "First Article" Only the result of first-article inspection is qualified, then volume production can be stated.

Self-inspection-MFG Dept

In the machining process,the operator should conduct self-inspection regularly per drawings.

Patrol inspection- IPQC

IPQC should do patrol inspection per each two hours and records for eliminating problem during manufacturing process

Process inspection- IPQC

The parts should be inspected and confirmed by IPQC before moving to next process

Final inspection -QA

QA conduct full visual inspection,full inspect precise dimensions with advanced measuring instrument. if necessary, hardness, coating layer test etc.


Delivery packing per work instruction and customer requirement