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CNC Milling

5-Axis CNC Machining

Renjie Precision offers 5-axis CNC service ,which applies one of the most advanced machining technologies . The 5-axis machining center is perfect for machining of complex parts that have non-prismatic or swarfing geometry.These intricate-features parts requires many setups on a typical 3-axis machining center, the application of 5-axis CNC service assure high-precision and efficiency-improved with single setups.

Our 5-axis CNC machining service is ideal for some typical parts such as Aerospace impeller, Aerospace Fan Disk,aerospace blisk, Medical artificial limb parts etc.

5-Axis Machining.png

4-Axis CNC Machining

Renjie 4-axis CNC machining service provides a greater degree of flexibility when machining complex parts.There is a additional rotation called A axis base on the linear axis X-Y-Z ,the workpiece is mounted in the X-axis and can rotate with the fixture in the A-axis.Applying 4-axis CNC machining, 4 sides parts can be machined with a single fixture setup,which can reduce costs and increases machining productivity。It is ideal for high-volume production of parts with complex geometries and intricate features.

4-Axis Machining.png

3-Axis CNC Machining

Renjie 3-axis CNC machining service is the most simple type of machining. there the workpiece is fixed in a single position.Movement of the spindle is available in the X. Y and Z linear directions. It is applied for rapid prototyping and production of small to medium-sized parts that don't require intricate detailing or depth ,such as cutting sharp edges, boring, milling slots, tapping, and drilling.

3-Axis Machining.png