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Meet Renjie Precision

Founded in 2011,Dongguan Renjie Precision Co.,Ltd is an ISO 9001: 2015 certified manufacturer,which specialized in machining various of non-standard precision parts.

Our vast experience in CNC Milling,CNC Turning and Grinding allows us to be fully capable in meeting the toughest of production demands in various application including but not limit to Medical, Electronic, Aviation, Automobile, Semiconductor, Optical, New Energy and Precision Automation Machinery.

Benefit from more than 20 years Precision Parts Machining experience,we are very familiar with machining wide range of materials such as Special Steel, Die Steel, CR Steel, Stainless Steel , Titanium Alloy, Copper Alloy , Aluminum Alloy, Engineering Plastic etc,which meet or exceed customer's require.

With high accuracy, cost-effective price,speedy lead time and reliable service, Renjie Precision receive good reputation from customers worldwide.

Let's work together for the better future!